HOW TO build FACE SCRUB reception
Sun, pollution, dirt and stress take a toll on skin. Dirt and pollution clog the pores resulting in clogged pores that cause varied skin problems. Thus, it’s terribly essential to stay the skin clean and therefore the best thanks to clean is that the skin is to exfoliate it employing a face scrub.

Here, we’ve some wonderful face scrubs for you and therefore the neatest thing is that you just needn’t to travel to a salon for face scrub. you’ll be able to simply build your own home-cured scrub. How? Let’s conclude.

Homemade face scrub

The scrubs mentioned here square measure simple to form and do marvel to your skin. The ingredients used square measure simply on the market in your room.

Honey and Orange Scrub

orange and honey scrub

In equal quantity take skin powder and oats and add a tablespoon of honey. to alter the consistency you’ll be able touse water. Scrub your face with this wonderful face scrub and let it keep for a few minutes.

Almond and Honey Scrub

Almond and Honey Scrub

This home-cured scrub for greasy skin helps to exfoliate skin and management the oil secretion. Take some of almonds and coarsely grind them. Now, take 2 teaspoon of honey and blend well. Apply this face scrub on face and scrub mistreatment light strokes.

Banana Scrub

Banana Scrub

Add mashed ripe bananas and sugar. Add a tablespoon of honey for wet. Massage this face scrub for five minutes then take away with cold water.

Oat and Honey Scrub

This is a tremendous scrub for dry skin. Take one- fourth cup of oats add 1/8 cup of honey and vegetable oil to that. Massage the face with this face scrub for one minute. Let it keep for five to ten minutes then rinse with cold water.

Oat and Honey face Scrub

Curd and Papaya Scrub

Take mashed ripe papaya. Add a pair of tablespoons adorned curd, three drops of juice and one tablespoon honey. combine them well. Exfoliate the skin with this face scrub. Let it keep for five minutes and take away with cool water.

Curd and Papaya Scrub

How to use face scrub

To use facial scrub, take a generous quantity of scrub and massage your wet face and neck with it. Massage gently in circular motion. Avoid contact with eyes, Scrub for two to3 minutes. Wash face with cold water.