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HOW TO DO HAIR SPA reception

Do you wish long luscious hair? does one wish to realize the title of “Miss lovely Hair” among your friends? All you wish could be a Hair Spa. A hair spa is nice to produce needed nourishment to your hair. It helps to stop premature greying of hair, split ends, uninteresting and lifeless hair, hairfall and curl. you’ll be able to get of these hair spa edges sitting reception. during this article, we tend to rouse you simple hair spa which will be done reception. you’ll be able to simply do that hair spa reception with no fuss the least bit. the most effective half concerning this simple hair spa is that each one the ingredients area unit simply offered reception and is incredibly simple to try to to. So, ladies prepare to flaunt your lovely tresses. you’re simply a couple of steps faraway from healthy luscious locks.

Get a hair spa reception with these simple steps

hair spa reception

Step 1- Oiling and Hot Towel Wrap

Oiling and Hot Towel Wrap

Take heat oil and massage your hair and scalp with it for ten minutes. Take a material or a towel. Soak it in predicament. Take it out of the water and squeeze so as to get rid of excess water. Wrap the towel around your hair and let it keep for ten minutes.

Step 2- Shampooing


Using a gentle shampoo, wash your hair. Rinse your hair totally. Use lukewarm water. Too hot or too cold water injurythe hair strands.

Step 3- acquisition


After shampooing your hair create it some extent to use a conditioner. Take a conditioner that most closely fits your hair kind. Apply it everywhere your hair, however not on roots. Let it keep for 2-3 minutes and wash totally.

Step 4- Hair Mask

hair mask

This step involves applying a home-baked hair mask. The hair mask provides nourishment to the hair. All you wish is 1/2 cup of mayo and a pair of cups of honey. combine them well and apply everywhere the scalp. Let it keep for [*fr1]associate degree hour and so wash it off employing a gentle shampoo.

You can additionally apply avocado mask to your hair. Mash a pair of massive avocados to create a paste. currentlyadd one tablespoon of honey to that. Apply everywhere the scalp and let it keep for twenty minutes. Shampoo your hair.

Another option offered is milk and honey mask. combine one tablespoon of honey in one glass of milk. Apply it everywhere the hair and scalp. Massage well and let it keep for fifteen minutes. Wash with gentle shampoo.

Hair Spa

Why to travel a salon after you will do the hair spa reception. it’s no rocket science and involves only a few simplesteps. So, simply take your time off out of your busy schedule and invest that point to baby your mane

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