HOW TO KEEP HEALTHY SKIN DURING STORM !!_Monsoons square measure lovely and serene. At a similar time, the monsoon season provides rise to variety of skin issues among folks. The skin becomes terribly susceptible to variety of allergies and damages. Thus, you need tochange with a full-fledged beauty regime to shield your skin. Here square measure some tips for a healthy skin throughout monsoon.

Drinking liters of water: the foremost necessary tip for a healthy skin

Water is that the biggest secret behind the beamy skin of variety of ladies. potable has continually been instructedto the folks whose skin is susceptible to varied skin problems. Thus, ensure you drink enough water throughout the day to stay your skin hydrous and to avoid your skin from obtaining oily. Drink a minimum of 9-10 glasses of water to induce a beamy and healthy skin.

Say no to bleach:

You must not bleach your skin throughout the time of year. Bleaching has the tendency to wreck your skin within themonsoon season since your face becomes terribly vulnerable throughout this point. Hence, it’s safe to shelve your bleaching appointment. additionally we have a tendency to suggest you to not get facial during this season.

A good diet:

A healthy skin could be a walking on air. currently you’ll be able to keep your skin healthy by the method of opting a decent health diet. Avoid uptake spicy and oily food since it will injury your skin. select seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avoid uptake the road food throughout the monsoon because the street food is typically unhealthful and you’ll fall unwell. attempt together with inexperienced and leafy vegetables in your diet throughout the monsoon season.

Wash your face timely:

It is one amongst the foremost necessary healthy skin tips. you need to wash your face from time to time throughoutthe monsoon to stay your skin clean. Wash your face for a minimum of 2 or 3 times each day to let your skin breathe. Use a toner or astringent if you’ve got associate degree oily skin. Also, use a soap-less gel primarily based face-wash to clean your face. This tip is usually recommended for all skin-types. A clean face could be a key to a healthy skin.


One of the main tips to induce a healthy skin is to exfoliate your skin a minimum of once per week. Exfoliating the skin can filter out all the dead skin and dirt and can keep your skin healthy. Waxing your arms and legs is additionallycounseled to induce a sleek and toned skin.